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CloudCoder version 0.1.2 released
Posted by Dave on January 06, 2015

The new year brings a shiny new CloudCoder release: version 0.1.2! I’ve finally had some time to spend on CloudCoder after a crazy fall semester. (Note to self: in the future, avoid volunteering to host conferences.)

There are two notable changes. First, I fixed a regression introduced in version 0.1.1 that caused compilation failures for C++ submissions. (Sorry for the breakage!)

Second, there are major UI improvements in the home page, courtesy of York College student Shane Bonner (and a bit of work by me as well). Here’s a screenshot (click for full-size version):

screenshot of new home page

Note the “progress summary” widget: it displays a quick visual indication of which exercises have been completed and which remain. The exercise list has also been simplified, and also sports a status indicator for each exercise. These changes make it easy for students to see what to work on next.

Another nice improvement is a new user account tab:

screenshot of new home page

The new user account tab makes it much easier for a user to change his/her password, and also provides access to a detailed course progress view.

See the installation instructions for details on installing CloudCoder.

As always, let me know if you run into any issues using this release.

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