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We have a blog now
Posted by Dave on July 04, 2014

Welcome to the CloudCoder blog!

We decided to start a CloudCoder blog so we can let people know about what is happening with CloudCoder. We probably won’t be posting that often, but we will post when there is a new release, or when we add a feature that we think people might want to know about. Please feel free to add your comments to any posts you see here: we’re interested in hearing about how people are using CloudCoder in their courses, how we might improve CloudCoder, etc.

The current news is that we released version 0.1.0 on June 4th: check out the installation instructions if you’re interested in trying it out. There are lots of minor improvements, including a new UI layout for working on exercises that puts the exercise description next to the code editor (click for larger image):

CloudCoder screenshot

This layout makes it quite a bit easier for students to refer to the exercise description as they work.

Until next time!

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